Thursday, August 6, 2009


Update #1
Sorry for leaving you in suspense. My new friend did end up miscarrying. Although very sad her words are simply's a sneak at them "this whole thing has really brought me closer to him than i have ever been before because i have learned how to be honest in my relationship with him and how to let him love me where Im at. I learned that i cant get any place else, until I feel loved and accepted right where Im at."

What wisdom! loved and accepted right where I'm at! If only we all could experience this.

Update #2
We MOVED IN! Finally! Although definitely NOT ideal we did get moved into the new house. Theres still SO much to do at both places but I can say at this point we are making progress. We overlooked 1 small, tiny, miniscule thing in the renovations....a pantry. We re-worked the layout of the original kitchen and had intended to build a pantry in the laundry room but with everything else taking priority we forgot to measure.


Our laundry machines are able to stack but I prefer them side by side. So with the machines and water heater we have a whopping 24 inches wide left for pantry shelves. So this is our make shift pantry for now!

I'm grateful for anything and it just makes me pull out my creativity! I know we have so much to be grateful for. Thank you Lord for the food that fills these shelves!
More to come later!!