Monday, December 7, 2009

Confessions from a sick pregnant lady

I'm sick. I'm sick of being sick. Had the flu in November and now a nasty cold. As if I couldnt sleep already, now I can't breathe either. ugh. Though it is a perfect day to stay home, cozy and resting. All this rain is no reason to leave the house.
It certainly feels like Christmas is coming now though. Sadly, I havent cracked open a box of my decorations. Not one.
Confession #1
Our neighbors had lights up the day after Thanksgiving. Today, December 7th, I STILL have pumpkins on my porch (leftovers from Halloween that I turned around and put fake flowers in)

Confession #2
Thanksgiving is still lingering on my back porch. I had planned on putting it all away on Friday (black Friday) but was so pooped from Thanksgiving itself that we slept in til 10 and then went shopping and then came home and napped and then went to the Mission Inn Festival of Lights. Now, I'm sick and its been a week and half and there it sits. Dont worry, all the dishes are done.

Confession #3
I put dishes in the sink, like someone else is going to wash them. We (I) purposely bought a HUGE single bowl, deep sink, so I could hide my dirty little secret until I get enough energy to wash them. See, you can't even see dinner leftovers in there. amazing. But you can see my unfinished backsplash, dead plant and guests forgotten thanksgiving dishes.

Confession #4
I'm SO over Jon and Kate. but not the way everyone else is. Yes, I think its sad, yes I think the kids are suffering but I'm sick of hearing everyone judge Kate. She freely admits that she over-reacted a lot and that the stress of having 8 kids was a huge part of it, which is more than Jon has said. All he's done is bashed the mother of his 8 kids and paraded his girlfriends around in the lime light. All I'm sayin my life and chop it up into 28minute segments and I'd look like her too. (well not physically, but you get the point) Thank goodness Tiger's dirty little secrets are overshadowing the Gosselins, poor lady needs a break.

You can chalk #4 up to being sick and watching a lot of Tivo'd shows.

Confession #5
I feel like I've been very negative lately. My love language is words of affirmation. One of the traits is that I know everything wrong with me before anyone has to say anything. But really, since I've been pregnant I just have no tolerance. I have so much more to worry about and care about that I just say what I think so I dont waste anymore time. So, If I've offended you or sounded way too negative I'm sorry. Its being worked on. You can pray for me.

Lastly...confession #6
With a brief stint in the kitchen to make dinner and wash infamous dishes I've been on the couch since I came home from work at 1pm. I can just hear myself getting fatter. :)

I wish I could chalk the confessions up to being drugged and sick, but I cannot take anything to make myself feel better except sudefed and tylenol which does nothing. So, take #5 and apply here.

Happy thanksgiving and happy beginning of Christmas! :)