Saturday, June 23, 2012

Keep on Trek-ing

A girl, a friend, has suffered an incredible loss. She and her husband lost their baby yesterday. They knew it was coming. He had an incurable, untreatable disease. He died just 6 short months after being diagnosed. I cannot stop thinking about them.
His name was Trek Atlas Ingram and in his short 14months of life he lived out his name earning 4 stamps in his passport and traveling the world with his family. Reading and sharing their story over the last 6 months has changed me. Things that were once so important, are not so anymore. Pretty much every day I think, "what would I do differently if I knew today was our last together?" Maybe I should have thought this my whole life but this particular story has changed me. I was so ridged and scheduled and maybe lets say uptight and having babies changed that and now this has loosened me even more. I don't mind snuggling a little longer, letting the dishes or toys or cheerios stay scattered where they are for just a bit longer or staying in our PJ's all day. Life isn't about how much TV I can watch, how many video games I can play, how much money we have, or how clean my house is today. Its just not. Its about loving. At least for me it is.
The Ingram's story is breathtaking. They are one amazing family. The way that Chelsea sacrificed and loves her family is motivating to say the least. She was still nursing Trek because it was the only food he could eat. I think of her every time I nurse my own baby and now over the last 2 days it is ever more heavy on my heart. I cannot, and do not want to imagine their pain. My heart is broken for them, yet changed for the better for my own family.
Please take some time and read about the Ingram family and Trek and all of his travels, and pray for them, please pray they could use a lot of extra love right now.