Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coupons have changed my life

i have been wanting to post this for a little while. I didnt want to share with the world my secret, sorta wanted to bask in it for a while, but really EVERYONE needs this one.
In an effort to make some long term goals and to save some $ in preparation for this baby's birth I went to a class on coupons. At first I thought "oh, great, what is she going to teach me about using coupons". Seriously, whats so hard, you see the stuff you want, you cut them out you take them to the store that week and use them. BAM, 45cents off a $5 product. Saving money right?
No sir-ee.
2.5 hours later my mind was spinning. Honestly, I was more ashamed at how much money I was wasting, and shocked at how often I was getting ripped off by simple mistakes.

I know what your thinking..."I use coupons sometimes", "I shop at a place that is already low priced without coupons" or my favorite, "I dont have time for that". Trust me friends YOU have time. If you care about your family or wanting to save $ you will find time. Just get off Facebook for an hour. :)

So, here's my 1st tid bit of the secret life of couponing....I follow a blog that tells me what to do. That blog right now is....www.hip2save.com

I went to the class in December and can tell you it helped save me $100's of dollars at Christmas. I'm stockpiling diapers.....8 packs (30-45diapers each) of organic, chlorine free diapers and 4 tubs of wipes for $32 TOTAL! Now, tell me you dont have time.

Check back soon for a fun post of one of my shopping trips....but mostly CHECK OUT THAT site. I promise you will be inspired.